Issues & Concerns

Time for Change in Boone County Council District 4

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Public Safety

Tony Teal will ensure the successful completion of our new Boone County Justice Center project (BCJC, aka jail expansion). He will work with the Commissioners, BCSO, and the jail project manager to ensure they have the resources needed to complete the project.

Tony Teal will work to keep our Boone County public schools safe through the SRO (School Resource Officer) program.

Tony Teal is proud supporter of our new Sheriff-Elect Tony Harris, a dedicated public servant. 



Tony Teal will support economic prosperity for Boone County. This means pursuing policies that protect our home values, thoughtful growth that maintains our quality of place, and fair economic opportunity for all.



This particular issue has been increasingly gaining coverage in the local press. Why exactly? It has been an "interesting" year for the Boone County Council with many scandals and infighting.

Tony Teal does not intend to focus on problems in the past nor his opponent's moral failings...

... instead he will work for a better Boone County Council and restore confidence in our County government.  His plan to improve the County government: 

  • Place Boone County needs over personal political agendas

  • Work to build consensus among Boone County stakeholders

  • Communicate County Council business better with Boone County residents. This starts by publishing County Council meeting video and reports online.

Road Marking Machine


Tony Teal is truly passionate about infrastructure investment because it attracts and supports Boone county's growth.  Here are some projects on Tony Teal's priorities:

  • With over 300 miles of unpaved roads and many new neighborhoods, Boone County needs to build its road infrastructure to match its growth.

  • County roads near built up neighborhoods need to have sidewalks for our kids on bikes for their safety.

  • We need to save funds for bridge repairs (aka the "Cumulative Bridge Fund"). This planned savings prevents budgetary emergencies and ensures the bridges will be safe for many years to come.

  • Expanding rural broadband to guarantee all Boone residents are being served and not forgotten. The power and opportunity presented by internet access cannot be underestimated.

  • New homebuilders need to build proper drainage systems overseen by the County's surveyors and Drainage Board. ["people" infrastructure]  

  • The County Health Department needs new health / environmental inspectors to match the growth of Boone County's business growth.
    [again, "people" infrastructure]

  • Finally and longer term, we should implement more energy savings through solar and geothermal energy on county buildings, and rollout electric vehicles (EV) in the county's truck and car fleet.  By embracing 21st century technology, we can achieve long term savings for the County.


Experience & Dedication

Tony Teal is a tested leader that is prepared to serve YOU on the Council. 

  • Tony Teal is a 30+ year IT professional with over a decade of public sector professional experience. As a database admin/architect he serves the people of Indiana by providing Big Data solutions to today's challenging public policy issues.

  • Tony Teal has attended in-person most of Boone County Council meetings and observed Council's three day 2023 budget planning hearings.

  • Tony Teal's Youtube video channel provides an archival record of the Council's meetings.

  • Tony Teal has met in person the key stakeholders in the County government including Sheriffs, Commissioners, and most of the department heads. 

  • Tony Teal has no allegiances to ANY political machine. Tony Teal's focus will remain on the voters of Boone County.

  • Tony Teal moved to Zionsville sixteen years ago, a lifelong Hoosier who  grew up in neighboring Hamilton County. Tony Teal's father served on the Hamilton County Building Commission in the 1980's when Hamilton County was the fastest growing county in the country.