District 4 Boone County Council seat is up for election this November

The Boone County Council handles all the budgets and money dispersed in Boone County. District 4 consists of the following townships: Eagle (5, 6, 10, 13, 20), Union 01, Worth ( all of 1 in Worth TWP & 2). District 4 has been underserved or not served by our Republican Council County representatives for over 30 years. Repeated overtures to the Republican council district 4 persons to visit us on our deplorable roads for the last 30 years have been unsuccessful. The present District 4 council person, AaronWilliams, is named in a pending sexual harassment suit.

We have an opportunity to elect a new District 4 council person this November. Tony Teal is a strong candidate:

Mr. Teal is a Purdue graduate, has a career in IT, is familiar with small business and the issues of county leadership in times of rapid growth. Tony is interested in great public schools, public safety, thoughtful infrastructure, fiscal
responsibility and lowering crime.

Indiana (one of six states) has a straight party ticket, however, voters are not required to just pull one lever. Voters have a choice. It is important for District 4 voters to scroll down to the second page of the ballot to select Tony Teal, a new and visionary County Council candidate that will have the time and expertise to serve District 4.


Peggy Allen, Whitestown


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